Cedar Siding

Wood siding is required in some residential subdivisions as the only appropriate siding product. Wood siding has a distinct look and is very appealing to the eye. Wood siding requires future maintenance such painting and finishing. You might want to be consider when selecting a home siding product such as Wood Siding. 

Cedar Siding is a great choice and can be stained in virtually an endless amount of color tones.   You can select from different grades of Cedar depending on your budget. Number 1 grade cedar has very little knots and is of the highest quality you can purchase. Number 2 has some knots and still looks good on your homes exterior. Utility grade cedar is something you do not want to apply to your homes exterior. 

A beautiful siding serves as insulation to the frame of the house, giving it protection from the rain, sun, water or moisture, and wind. With the right exterior siding in place wether it is a wood, aluminum or vinyl,  America Siding can make your house frame safe from all these elements.

When you choose wood siding, you may paint or stain any color you want.

Let America Siding come out and give you a free estimate on your next Wood Siding Project or Wood Siding Repair.

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to wood siding, you might want to consider vinyl siding.  They are durable and require less maintenance.