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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is perhaps the best house exterior material available today. It is designed in such a way that it very effectively resists damage from impacts, high winds, rain, snow, UV rays, and extreme temperatures on both ends of the thermometer. Additionally it has the rare benefit of being a home remodeling solution which is really a one time expense. Little to no maintenance is needed to keep up the appearance of your vinyl siding. This has become a huge draw for people in the market to buy homes, meaning that vinyl siding will actually raise your home’s real estate value. Often this increase in value is to such a dramatic degree that the cost of having vinyl siding installed is entirely recouped when the home is sold. Furthermore, in response to the increased interest in vinyl siding, manufacturers of the material have spent decades increasing the reliability of the siding, while also increasing the color, texture, and style options which they sell. This has lead to an enormous selection of vinyl siding types which can fit nearly any design plan and which are often under warranty to retain their appearance and durability for decades, some even a lifetime.

When should I get vinyl siding installed?

Vinyl siding is so versatile that a professional can install it in practically any weather condition. For that reason, America Siding siding contractors offer service everywhere in Massachusetts in every season. Whenever you’re ready to tackle your home’s siding needs, we’re ready to help. That said, for the smoothest installation process it’s best to schedule work on days free of rain or snow with temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In these conditions it’s easier to deliver the most precise measurements and cuts, allowing for the most exact house siding project possible.

Can I install vinyl siding on my own?

Homeowners try their hand at vinyl installation sometimes nowadays but in our professional opinion the process of a full house installation of vinyl siding is too complicated for most untrained individuals to accomplish without some mistakes which can be incredibly damaging to the look of your home, and indeed, it’s structural security. Improperly installed vinyl siding panels can allow for significant moisture damage from rain and snow accumulating between the vinyl siding’s outer layer and your home’s surface material. The damage that comes from such a mistake can often take a long time to appear but when it does can be even more costly to fix than the price of hiring a siding contractor to install the house siding in the first place. It is highly advised, therefore, that you trust the installation of vinyl siding to experienced, licensed, and insured siding contractors like those you can find through America Siding. They can ensure that your house siding project is performed efficiently, properly, and affordably. Don’t risk your entire home just to try and save on labor costs.

About Us

We at America Siding had a simple goal when we first came together: to become the best house siding company in Massachusetts. Today we’re proud to say that we’re one of the state’s top siding providers, thanks largely to the development of our statewide network of siding installers, siding contractors, and siding companies.

Our network of siding contractors features only the finest vinyl siding installers and contracting companies across the state. With such an expansive area of coverage, and so many knowledgeable and practiced house siders offered, America Siding is quickly becoming the Bay State’s source for every siding project from a full scale vinyl siding installation to a minimal siding repair and replacement. No matter what your siding plan entails or where in Massachusetts you live, we have professional siding contractors ready to perform your project the right way the first time.

The siding contractors found through America Siding are among the most dependable and professional house siders in the state and with the dramatic growth we’ve experienced in the past few years, they are now able to offer the best tools and widest selection of siding options that you’ll find anywhere in Massachusetts. If you’re considering having giving your home a durable, beautiful new appearance then you can’t do any better than the network of vinyl siding companies that make up America Siding. Every project our siding contractors complete is guaranteed to maintain it’s quality for years and years to come, in spite of even the worst weather conditions Massachusetts can summon up. But, if you’d like further proof of the quality of our siding contractor’s work we highly recommend you think about scheduling a free at-home assessment and estimate with the America Siding siding contractor nearest to you. They’ll be able to quickly discuss the issues your home’s exterior may be having and the design plans you may have in mind for it moving forward and provide a completely personalized project that can leave your house looking better than it ever has, at a price that’s sure to fit within your home remodeling budget. Simply use our coverage directory to be connected to expert siding contractors and siding installers in your own neighborhood. You’ll be glad you did.

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